No matter how old and challenging your legacy data is, FSD will find the way to bring it into a modern big data architecture.

Real Time Access.

FSD's architecture will insure that you have access to the most up-to-date data, not older versions.


Not only is FSD's reporting customized for your needs, we can provide you with additional data statistics utilizing our vast libraries. 

Ad-Hoc Queries.

FSD can provide you with an application, allowing you to run ad-hoc, complex queries as your organization's needs change.



FSD doesn't just build the best big data solution for it's customers current needs.

We build scalable solutions, made to handle the needs of tomorrow.


FSD's cloud-based architecture allows customers to scale up quickly without costing a fortune.

Our proprietary libraries and years of hands-on experience keep FSD's hosting costs well beneath the industry average.

Your Solution is Waiting.