High-End Custom Programming


From complex web-based systems to versatile mobile apps, FSD teams up with its customers to produce finely-tuned solutions that wrap around their businesses like warm blankets.

Strategic Management & Real-Time Business Intelligence

FSD's Strategic Management System meaningfully ties user-specific dashboards and real-time metrics directly into your strategic plan. Our 'SMS' drives performance daily, at all levels of your organization.

Custom Operations Management

FSD's 'CustomOps' is a product life-cycle solution for those in custom manufacturing. It connects your customers, retailers, manufacturers, inventory, accounting, goal-tracking and more into one cohesive and powerful system.


Big Data Solutions

FSD can convert, store, manage and analyze your massive data sets. From almost any starting point, we can generate the essential output that meets your business needs.

Auction Industry Solutions

FSD has been a force in auction technology since 2001. We offer custom solutions and turn-key packages including online auctions, live room-to-web auction systems, auctioneer robots and more.

Consulting Services

FSD senior engineers will improve your business, not just develop software. They are trained to analyze, plan and implement strategies that maximize your productivity and quality. 


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