Easy to Use Components.

While FSD's auction components are extremely sophisticated, your staff doesn't need to be. Run your auction business with FSD without the need for comprehensive training.

A Complete Auction Business Solution.

FSD will handle all of your business' needs. From running auctions, to dealing with consignors, to invoicing and accounting, FSD will tie your operations together into one clean system.

Cost Effective Systems.

Despite FSD's versatility and comprehensive functionality, running costs are less than comparable solutions.

Your Customers are Yours.

Other auction platforms want to share your customers with the rest of the world. With FSD, your hard work is for you alone to enjoy.

Your Brand is Yours.

Other platforms let the world know what auction software you are using, which is not the best look for a business trying to build it's own brand. FSD will brand your auction services for you.



FSD's auction tools have been in use for nearly twenty-years with proven efficiency and quality.

There is no aspect of the auction business that we have not touched.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your unique needs.

FSD Auctions

Web Bidding Platform
A traditional, online, proxy-bidding platform that can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Floor Bidding Platform
A complete solution to run traditional floor-sale auctions including presentation, auctioneer, clerk and validation screens, invoicing, etc.

Live Bidding Platform
The entire world can sync up to your floor-sale and bid along with the room at lightning speed.

Auctioneer Robot
A human is not needed to run your sale. The FSD Auction Robot will do the job using criteria that you set, such as bidding increment, fair warning time, time between lots and much more.

Auction Catalog Generator
If you create physical or online catalogs for your sales, FSD's platform has the tools to help you generate the content that you need.

Your Solution is Waiting.